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  • Teachers Training
  • Kriah Methodology
  • Phone or at your location

Custom Curriculum

  • Reading Programs
  • Homework, Workbooks
  • Resource Room Material

Custom Kriah Sefer

  • Any level
  • Any Requirements
  • Fully Branded

Kriah Tutoring

  • Kriah Tutoring Training
  • Kriah Tutoring Services


The Kriah Program offers comprehensive workshops to train teachers in using our curriculum and products. Additional workshops are available to enhance your staffs Kriah teaching skills and techniques. Workshops can be done over the phone or at your location. Contact us for more details.


  • Phone/Skype: $250 (1 1/2 hour workshop)
  • At your location: $1,800 plus travel expenses (up to 3.5 hours)

Kriah Curriculum

While we have a very comprehensive curriculum, there might be something that you need that is not in our library of materials, or perhaps we have the item but you like it customized for your specific needs. We would love to create for you anything you would like!


  • When you sign up for the KriahApp we provide up to 25 pages of custom curriculum for free.
  • If you still need more – the cost is only $5 per page.

Custom Kriah Seforim – Textbooks

You are unique you can’t quite find the perfect Kriah Sefer, you not alone in this dilemma and finally there is now a solution. We can custom make the perfect Sefer for you that is exactly what you need. The Sefer will be beautiful and have your logo on it.


$1,000 and a minimum order of 500 books


The Kriah Program offers training for Kriah Tutors and provides tutoring for adults in Lakewood NJ. To join this program or to find out more, please contact us.


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Kriah Program Certified Tutors

Chaya Rivka Notis | Lakewood NJ | Adult Tutoring

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