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  • Step by Step system
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Beautiful clean layout


  • Cumulative review
  • Assessments
  • Complete Curriculum

Field Tested

  • Used by leading schools internationally
  • Proven success


  • True to the Mesorah
  • Linking our children back to Sinai

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Summary and Features


The Kriah Program™ is an innovative, complete and comprehensive Hebrew reading and assessment program which enables every student to succeed. Our flagship product is our Kriah Sefer; its innovative step by step system simplifies complex skills to help every student  learn to read.

A reading screening to assess each student and identify which skill areas require additional support has been developed to accompany our Kriah Sefer. This product is called “Kriah Assessments”.

The Kriah Program™ can easily be implemented within the classroom. Additionally, complementing the Kriah Sefer and assessments is a complete curriculum including:

  • Vacation Review Booklets
  • Flash Cards
  • Flipbooks
  • And more…

Program Features

Field Tested
  • Developed and fine-tuned in the classroom.
  • Used by teachers, tutors, and parents with remarkable results.
  • Proven success with a diverse range of students.
Step by Step System
  • Skills are broken down into their basic components.
  • Students proceed through the skills step by step progressively.
  • Enables difficult skills to be mastered by every student.
Cumulative Review
  • Assures retention as students advance through the sefer.
  • Additional review is embedded throughout the entire sefer. Many words were specifically chosen in a way that incorporates review of previous concepts.
  • Sefer contains all the review, no additional sheets are needed.
Choice of Words
  • Nearly all of the words are from Tanach or the Siddur.
  • Words were specifically chosen to maximize success in learning and retention.
User Freindly
  • Integrates easily into any classroom or resource room.
  • System is self-explanatory, no additional teacher’s manual is needed.
  • Easy for teachers and students alike.
Layout and Design
  • Detailed table of contents.
  • Line numbers printed in numerals make it easy for students to follow along.
  • Headers and Footers inform the user which skill is currently being taught or reviewed.
  • Letters and words are large and appealing.
Complete Curriculum
  • Homework, Workbooks
  • Vacation Reading Programs  
  • Resource Room Materials
  • Resources 
  • Flash cards, Flipbooks
  • Training 
  • Support
Kriah Assessments
  • It assesses each student and identifies which skills require more work.
  • Thorough, yet simple to administer.
  • A application that calculates the scores and averages.
  • Automatically red-flags a skill that requires review, and also lets you know when a child is below average.
  • Generate class and student reports 

Some of our Happy Customers

Complete Program

These schools use the entire program in the mainstream classroom:

  • Hebrew Academy of Cleveland
  • Bais Yakov of Boro Park – Brooklyn, NY
  • Akiva Academy – Calgary, Canada
  • Bais Rochel – Lakewood, NJ
  • Maayan Day School – Portland, Oregon
  • Meoros Bais Yaakov – Lakewood, NJ
  • Hillel Academy – Denver, Colorado
  • Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia
  • Rambam Day School – Savannah, Georgia
  • Shluchim Online School, Brooklyn, NY

Resource Room Use

There are many other schools that are using the Sefer for the weaker students as well as other components of the Kriah Program,  including:

  • Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore
  • Beth Yaacov Mexico
  • Gesher Hatorah – Chicago, IL
  • Doresh – Miami, FL
  • Veitzener Cheder – Chicago, IL
  • Yeshiva Bais Yehuda Preschool – Detroit, MI
  • Edmonton Menorah Academy – Edmonton, Canada
  • Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet – Toronto, Canada
  • Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey – Deal, NJ
  • Eitz Chaim – Toronto, Canada


Below is a sampling of some of the warm feedback we have received from those who have adopted The Kriah Program in their schools or have used it in the resource room or at home.

The methods presented have proven to be highly effective, thereby enabling each individual child to master kriah skills and to read with confidence and fluency.
Rabbi Simcha Dessler
Educational Director, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mrs. Tova Rottenberg’s ספר הקריאה והקדושה which our teachers at Bais Yaakov of Boro Park have enthusiastically embraced this year. This ספר has not veered from the מסורה of the דקדוקי הקריאה and is arranged in a clear and uncluttered style which appeals to both the Moros and talmidos. The ספר begins with an excellent review of the אלף בית and systematically builds from level to level allowing even the weakest student to master the קריאה with clarity and confidence. Parents have expressed delight in doing homework with their children with great ease. With continued סייעתא דשמיא this ספר will open the gates for our children to reach the ultimate goals of davening and learning בדרך ישראל סבא.
Mrs. Svei
Principal, Bais Yaakov of Boro Park

I have used the highly acclaimed program of the הקריאה והקדושה this year in my school. We have had remarkable and amazing results! The program is clear, organized, has a method, and gradually encourages the girls fluency and accuracy in their reading. We are extremely pleased with the program – 26 girls reading expertly and fluently. In addition, the excellent assessments at the end of each unit have proven to be extremely helpful in pinpointing the students’ weaknesses. A few students – whose problems would not have been easily detected – were picked up due to this innovative and accurate portrayal of the girls’ reading skills. I found them to be invaluable to us in assessing the students.
I highly recommend this program.
Wishing you continued הצלחה!
Mrs. Goldie Dickstein
Principal, Meoros Bais Yaakov – Lakewood, NJ

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This sefer is a great tool to teach Kriah. It’s very child friendly, clear, and easy to use. The children are excited to open and read! Thank you for such a great program!
Blimie Silbiger
First Grade Teacher, Bais Yaakov Boro Park

A well- structured and clear curriculum, the Kriah Program is a teacher’s dream come true. Skills are developed one at a time, and review is incorporated as it advances to new concepts. The layout is neat and self-explanatory, making it easy for the students to focus. A special part of the curriculum is the director’s availability to answer questions and work with the teacher who is using the book.
The Aleph Bet cards are special bonus and are a visual to hang in the classroom and use when teaching the letters. I feel blessed to have discovered The Kriah Program and to have used it to teach children one of the most important things they will learn in their lives, the gift of reading Hebrew!
Mrs. Sarah Faige Goldblatt
Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher, Maayan Torah Day School – Portland Oregon

February 11 2015
Dear Mrs. Rottenberg
After successfully using קריאה וקדושה this year I wish to express my הכרת הטוב to you.
It is a clear and fluid method. It reaches out and caters to the entire student body. It enables all types of students at different levels to grow, learn and feel accomplished.
It epitomizes the חז”ל חנוך לנער על פי דרכו .It was a נחת to watch each student develop a fluent  and accurate  קריאה with confidence and without hesitation.
May you continue to have הצלחה רבה in your vital role of מלאכת הקודש.
חזק ואמץ
Mrs. Nechama Bender
First GradeTeacher, Bais Yaakov of Boro Park

Jun 14, 2016
Dear Tova,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you for the energy you put in to create the most outstanding kriah book available “al pi taharas hakodesh” KRIAH VKEDUSHA.
I have used several wonderful approaches to kriah in my years of teaching.  Your book has so many qualities that make kriah in the classroom an excitement, an ease.  Most of all it  teaches a correct and clear kriah. Students who learn to read through your method develop into fluent readers  without hesitation.  You blend in all the rules with such clarity. The pages, the large print, the numbers for each line. I am so grateful to you, your zechusim are many. You have a hand in the most valuable part of chinuch for every child. After  all the Siddur, the kriah, is our constant connection to Our Source.
Thank you ever so much for the huge part you have in the  classrooms of all those that are aware of and use your book.
Mrs. Nechama Bender
First GradeTeacher, Bais Yaakov of Boro Park

After working first hand with the creator of this amazing program, not only can I vouch for this program, but I can rave about it too! It’s hard to pin down what I love most about this program, but described in a word, it is successful. The children who enter this program, even weaker students, come out learning to read fluently.
The students using this program came out learning to read, and aside for mastering the skills, they were also were able to read at a fluent pace too. To see a child go from basically knowing the Alef Beis to being able to pick up a Siddur and fluently read the words is amazing. Simply outstanding!

What I admire most about the Sefer is that it breaks down each skill by section, and has an assessment test after each section to make sure the student is up to par with every new skill. A teacher can easily detect where their student is struggling based on the results of the test! Also, the Assessment test comes with an Assessment Calculator which shows how each child preforms in Accuracy and in Fluency. It is easy to see if a child is lacking in an area, as the Assessment Calculator highlights the Mistake Total or Timing Score that is concerning, showing more than just a test score.

The Program is OUTSTANDING! I highly recommend it to anyone. whether they want it to teach in a classroom setting, or for individual use. The creators of this program are fantastic, kind, and caring people that are solely devoted in making sure that each student is able to succeed!

Tzippy Mahalli
Assistant teacher at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

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As a kriah specialist, I have used this Sefer with many of my students. I like the scope and sequence of the sefer, as well as the clear and nice format. These struggling readers, have become confident, accurate readers, with remarkable progress in fluency as well.
Rivka Zirkin
Kriah specialist, Veitzener Cheder Chicago

The clear format and systematic approach makes it teacher friendly and is inviting for a student and makes it easy to succeed. The layout of the book helps the children focus on their reading. I have 12 reading books, but not a day goes by that I don’t use this book for my special needs children.
Mrs. Yehudis Feigenbaum
MS Special Ed, Kriyah Specialist, Talmud Torah Siach Yitzchok – Far Rockaway

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I just want to tell you how much I use your Mini Flipbooks and how useful and helpful they are for learning how to blend. You presented them at a workshop by Torah Umesorah a few years ago and I was so excited by this creative way to work on blending and nekudos. They are simple to use and a great kriah tool for anyone in the kriah field!
Shoshana Grunhut
Remedial Kriah, Bais Faiga – Lakewood NJ

I have been using The Kriah Program with my first grade students this year and I am very pleased with the program. I have seen excellent progress in accuracy and fluency as we have progressed through the sefer.
It is a beautifully designed layout that the students are proud to use because it really looks very “grown up”.  The print is clear and a good size, gradually getting smaller as the students become more proficient.
The sequence of skills presented is very logical while it facilitates student success.
I did not see the need for any supplemental practice of the skills because that is built into the program without it becoming boring.
I also liked that I could adapt the sefer to students who were able to move fast and also to students who needed a slower more thorough approach to the kria lesson.
The assessment that goes along with the sefer is quick and easy to administer while providing detailed information on each child’s skills and needs.
Mrs. Tova Rottenberg makes herself available to answer any questions and see to it that teachers are satisfied with the sefer.  She also invites suggestions and requests from teachers to make the program even better.
I would highly recommend this sefer for use in a kindergarten or first grade class.
Gloria Crystal
Resource Room Teacher, Hillel Academy of Denver

As a Resource Room teacher, I have found the book Hakriah V’hakedusha very helpful.  The systematic approach builds from one skill to another in a logical consistent way. Each page contains different practice activities for my students who are all on different levels, allowing me to individualize for each one.
Susan Richman
Resource Room Teacher, Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey

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I am a preschool Morah for 16 years. I was asked to tutor a former student of mine who is hearing impaired and was in a special hearing school for the year. I had never taught kriyah before and I was a bit apprehensive. I approached Morah tova for her reading program and I followed it. With her amazing book, manipulates, flashcards, and puzzles my student is reading so beautifully even though I only teach him three times a week. I highly recommend this program.
Mrs. Chumie Mann
Preschool Teacher, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

My son Dovi (6) used the Hakriyah Vehakedusha sefer in Kindergarten last year. He started off the year not knowing how to read Hebrew and ended off the year reading beautifully! The book took Dovi on a step by step journey to learn how to read in a simple and clear way. He enjoyed singing the tunes as he read the nikudos and the letters. The whole family would be singing along! Dovi would be excited to open his book and do his homework. The Hakriyah Vehakedusha created a love and excitement in Dovi for learning to read Hebrew.
Ruchoma Nitekman
Parent, Rambam Day School

I love love the student report! It’s obviously very well thought out and is exactly what parents and teachers want to see.
I am seriously impressed! I worked in different grades and was never happy with the grading methods that I’ve seen. This is so specific and targeted!
Mrs. Chumi Miller
Parent of a sudent using the KriahApp

As a parent of a kindergarten student, I found the Hakriyah Vehakedusha sefer to be a wonderful tool. It is incredibly clear, organized and structured in a very systematic fashion. It made my child’s learning that much easier, and it made homework time go smoothly as well.
In addition, I found the assessments to be a very helpful addition as it gave me a clear picture of my child’s progress independently and in relation to his peers. The assessment analysis sheets sent home periodically to parents presented a clear visual presentation of my child’s accomplishments.
Mrs. Brocha Strauss
Parent, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

We were introduced to the Hakriyah Vehakedusha approach to reading Hebrew when our youngest child was in kindergarten. My husband and I were impressed with how our son learned to read Hebrew letters with vowels so proficiently in such a short amount of time. We have seen first hand how this methodical and systematic way of learning is the key to reading Hebrew successfully and confidently. This knowledge will be with him for his entire life of learning. We would highly recommend it.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Isa Lefkowitz
Parents, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this program geared for?

Anyone who wants to teach or learn how to read Hebrew, even students with disabilities.

Which age group has used this program successfully in the past?

Kindergarteners through seventh graders.

What is unique about this program?

It focuses on each and every skill separately, thereby enabling even the weaker students to succeed. The program also comes with invaluable assessments that are simple to administer.

What is so important about the assessments?

Assessments keep the teacher data driven. At all times the instructor knows what the child has mastered and what still needs review. Assessments ensure that no child falls behind!!

When are the assessments used?

Assessments are used the first day of the program and after each skill is learned.

Does the screening need to be administered by specialists?

No, anyone can do it: teachers, assistants, even parents.

Is this program complicated to teach and implement?

No! It is very easy!


In addition to the educational value of the program, it is also based on the “Mesorah”. The Mesorah is the traditional Jewish method of teaching reading of the Aleph Beis. The Rabbinical endorsements below certify that our method follows the traditional path entirely without any deviation. For more information about this see About Us page.
By popular demand we put together a pamphlet of sources that discuss the importance of teaching Kriah according to the Mesorah and what the Mesorah of teaching Kriah is, click here to download.

Rabbi Yisroel Ganz

Reb Yisroel Ganz

Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon

Reb Matisyahu Salomon

Rabbi Boruch Hirschfeld

Reb Boruch Hirschfeld

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