About The Kriah Program

The Kriah Program was developed as a result of our drive to create a Kriah program that was both excellent and easy to use. The curriculum was developed and field tested and honed to perfection over a number of years and countless hours of labor. The schools and educators that use The Kriah Program have provided valuable insight that have helped us further improve our products and curriculum.

The methods the Sefer uses were passed on by tradition from Sinai to our generation. We received the tradition from a student of Harav Chaim Fried ztz”l who learned the art of teaching Kriah from him in the year of 1968. Harav Fried ztz”l was a Skverer chossid who at that time was already a veteran Mechanech going back to the prewar Europe era. Harav Fried ztz”l was praised by the the former Skverer Rebbe ztz”l and the former Pupa Rebbe ztz”l, not only for his excellence in teaching Kriah but also for being entirely true to the Mesora.

Our goal is to continue to develop more products so that our curriculum the full needs of Kriah for all grade and age levels. We have new products in production, and many more on our to do list. Visit us occasionally to see our latest additions.


The Kriah Program was developed in conjunction with teachers, specialist and educators. We are very grateful to all those who have provided input and guidance. Below is the executive team of The Kriah Program and Alephbeis.org

Tova Rottenberg

Educational Director

Tova is an award winning teacher at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland. As a very dedicated teacher, this Kriah Program is the result of her never ending strive to achieve excellence in the education of her students. She has been recognized for her excellence and her contribution to the education community and has received the following awards:

  • Steiger Family Education Award from the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland in 2014
  • Grinspoon Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Tova is the driving force behind the ever expanding program, and is responsible for creating all the educational materials in conjunction with a team of educational experts.

Shmuel Barkin

Administrative and Technical

Shmuel is the one who brings the products from conception to reality. He is responsible for all items related to the Kriah Program that fall outside of the educational department. Below is a list of some of the items handled by his department.

  • Product Layout and Design
  • Business Administration
  • Technology Development
  • Material Production
  • Website Management

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