A Kriah revolution. Making YOU the expert!

Combining multiple Kriah Resources, years of experience and technology, for the ultimate in tool-set for the kriah educator.
KriahApp is an application that provides teachers and educators with professional level kriah assessments, scoring & reporting tools, and over 3,000 pages of curriculum in a modern web-based user interface.



Precisely and accurately assess students skills, and zoom in on areas that require more work.


Grading Tools

The system will automatically grade accuracy and fluency levels.

Skills Flagging

The system automatically flags underperformance and identifies top and bottom students.


Easy to read reports make it easy to visualize results and view class-level and student-level reports.


Retest feature allows the teacher to retest the class and keep multiple versions of results.


Easy To Use

Simple to use interface. No Kriah skills needed to administer assessments.

Responsive Design

Use the application on a desktop or your tablet.

Cloud Based

All users can access the system from any location.


Get access to over 100 files that contain more than 3,000 pages of Kriah curriculum.

School Accounts

Manage all grades and students from within one app. Each teacher can access their students only.

Flexible Pricing

Simple per-student pricing. Pay only for what you need.



A complete knowledge base will guide you through all aspects of the app.

Introductory Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your needs. Try our Starter plan free!

Free plan is not available yet. If you would like to try out the KriahApp, please contact us.
Paid plans have a twelve-month initial subscription minimum. Once the initial twelve months are up, the plan will continue on a month-to-month basis until canceled (plan can be canceled at any time).

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